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Trademarks Heemskerk Amsterdam – Netherlands

Trademarks Heemskerk

Trademarks Heemskerk (based in Amsterdam, Netherlands) is a young, smooth and modern Dutch  trademark office with knowledge of the latest technology and media.

Our firm was founded in 2009 by mr. Drs. Willem Heemskerk. Previously he worked as a brand consultant at a large international trademark. Unlike the big brand companies in the Netherlands is our trademark agency still complete Dutch reducing the cost be very beneficial.

Willem Heemskerk studied Dutch law at the University of Amsterdam with a specialization in Intellectual Property . Hierna- he successfully completed the Master course in Journalism and Media. These two studies combined Heemskerk is able to translate the often incomprehensible formal legal rules in clear and understandable language . This is an important feature in the protection of Intellectual Property.

Willem Heemskerk is recognized BMM trademark and design attorney and also European trademark attorney and representative model .


Heemskerk is a member of the following legal associations:

BMM (Benelux Association for Trademark and Model Agents)

VVA (Copyright Association)

VMC (Association for Media and Communication Law)


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