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Does your company with a large (international) brand portfolio? The management of these brands portfolio is an important issue. Certain terms as are to be met with innovations and current trademark applications. About do you want to worry about. Also leave the administrative work and costs rather do an expert agency. Finally, would you like to know exactly what brand where (in which country) is registered and where (on which products and / or services), displayed in a clear brand statement.

A careful management of your trademark portfolio is therefore necessary that the cost should be low. Switching to our office is easy and free. You only need to fill in one note.

Thanks to our very g eavanceerde systems (various databases and automated entry systems), we are uniquely able to take over and manage your portfolio at a very competitive rate. Thehourly rate of our trademark attorneys is only 125, – EURO. When your current trademark office you probably pay double. You are twice as cheap out when you graduate.

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