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Copyright protection controls via Trademarks Heemskerk.
We manage and register the copyright to include: music, song text, books and other publications, clothing, design, commercial concepts, logos, technical molds, drawings, games and rules, TV formats and film formats ,
Do you face in practice the above “working”? Please contact to carry out a check on your portfolio.

What is copyright?
Article 1 of the Copyright: The copyright is the exclusive right of the creator of a work of literature, science or art, or his assigns, to publish and reproduce, subject to restrictions by law asked.

The main rule in copyright is that the author is the copyright holder. This also applies if you have a website, concept, corporate design allows developed by a designer. You do NOT have the copyright on it unless you have to transfer it explicitly and in writing. Of course there are exceptions to the general rule (eg the guidance and supervision of employment) which we gladly recommend. We can also go through a contract or have them prepared to be sure which party holds the copyright.

Article 10 of the Copyright Act enumerates some copyrighted works:
1. Under literary, scientific or artistic purposes of this Act:
1. books, pamphlets, newspapers, magazines and all other writings;
2. dramatic and musical-dramatic works;
3. oral presentations;
4. choreographic works and pantomimes;
5. musical works with or without words;
6. teeken-, painting, architecture and sculpture, lithographs, engravings and other sheet metal work;
7. geographical maps;
8. designs, sketches and modeling, relative to architecture, geography, topography or other sciences;
9. photographic works;
10. film works;
11. works of applied art and industrial designs and models;
12. computer programs and the preparatory material;

Origin and copyright registration
Copyright is the right that the creator of a “work” is. This gets right to the creator of a work of law (automatically so at the time of creation). There may also be a joint copyright depending on the circumstances. Trademarks Heemskerk manages your copyrights and ensures that they are also registered so that you can prove that you have a legal copyright on a certain date.

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