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Welcome to Trademark Heemskerk an IP firm (trademark agency) based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Our English trademark agency offers – among other – the following services:

- Trademark registration (a weapon and shield for your mark ),
– design registration,
– domain name registration
– license renewals in the Netherlands and Belgium

Further More, we offer related services like:
– advice regaring intellectual property
– drafting agreements and declarations
– Infringement handling local cases.

For more information you can use our contact-form English .

We offer the following services: trademark research, trademark registration, trademark watch service, design registration and domain name registration. Also we providence legal advice thesis Concerning rights and other intellectual property rights. Management of your trademark portfolio or multinationals, SMB and starting companies. Through an international network of agents, we ook serve the interests of our clients on a worldwide scale. Please find our contact details below:

Email:  info@merkenbureauheemskerk.nl
Tel: 0031 (0) 20 8,452,708
Site: www.merkenbureauheemskerk.nl

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