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Ghost Invoice Trademark Registration

List of phantom invoices trademark registration.

The following organizations have been occupied in the past by sending phantom invoices. Look quickly or you received ghost bill also between them. This list is compiled by Trademark Heemskerk .:

  • FIPTR from the United States of America
  • Globus Edition SL with address Palma de Mallorca in Spain or Vienna, Austria
  • Edition Marks the KFT in Hungary
  • Company of Economic Publications Ltd from Vienna, Austria
  • IOIP, IT or TAG from Switzerland
  • IOPTS from the United States of America
  • GAIA Almanach from Hungary
  • ODM from Slovak Republic / Slovakia
  • RIPT from Slovak Republic / Slovakia
  • CRPSL in Calpe, Spain
  • European Trade Marks in London, Great Britain
  • NMG from London, Great Britain
  • OHMI from London, Great Britain
  • Collection TM or TM Edition from Hungary
  • Trademark Publisher in Vienna, Austria
  • TMP or TM Publisher from Rotterdam or Vienna, Austria
  • WOIP from London, Great Britain
  • WDTP from Czech Republic
  • WBIP from the United States of America
  • European Central Register of Brands and Patents of Brussels, Belgium, version 1 and version 2
  • IBIP from the United States of America
  • EPTR European Patent and Trademark Registry in Poland
  • RCE, Registre Central Européan from Brussels, Belgium
  • I OPr from the United States of America
  • Patent Trademark Registry of Slovak Republic / Slovakia
  • World Trade Registry from Netherlands
  • International Trademark and Patent Registration (IPTR) in Brussels, Belgium
  • BMV from Rotterdam (renewal)
  • ARPI from Brussels, Belgium (renewal)
  • ECTO SA of Brussels, Belgium (renewal)

These bills may subject the publication, registration or renewal of your brand. The brand data are equal to your existing trade mark or trademark registration because they have obtained this information from public records causing confusion and deception can be quickly addressed.

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