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New logo or design for only EUR 990, -

As the first agency in the Netherlands, we offer the opportunity for only EUR 990, – an entirely new logo or design to design by a team of at least ten different professional international designers (designers). How it works is not one designer to design but ten designers, each with its own style and vision. A unique experience!


How does it work?

1. On the basis of a questionnaire you provide us with detailed information about your business, your target audience, the logo, the colors etc.

2. You check the information, approves and makes a payment of EUR 250, – and then we select a team of international designers based on your criteria and put them to work.

3. The next two weeks you will receive at least twice a week multiple logos with a request to provide your feedback and make clear your preference for certain designs. So designers can further tinkering to ultimately most suitable logo / design to design.

4. After two weeks, choose the winning logo and you pay the remaining amount of EUR 740, -.

If you unfortunately can not choose, then you do not pay. In consultation we can then see if one of the designs can still be completed until the correct logo.

Full legal rights transfer

Upon purchase of the selected logo you get transferred full ownership (copyright). This itt orders from other design agencies copyright usually standard transfer in writing.

10% Discount for trademark registration or registration model

We also offer you the option at a reduced rate (10% discount) the logo as brand or model questions through our lawyers. See also the other rates on our website.

Payment of EUR 990, – not mandatory

Decrease is not mandatory. If you are not satisfied despite all the above conditions relating to the proposed design, you are not bound to pay the full rate. Only the advance payment of EUR 250, – will be lost then.

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